FYF!! Copy and Paste

Today was one of my favorite days.  Declan and I had some of our closest friends over for a front yard playdate and I think I might finally be learning to accept my limitations as a mom, friend, and woman.  Rather than worrying about how to feed six women and children, we ordered pizza.  The children played in varying degrees of nakedness, got wet, got dirty, fell down and got back up again.  I somehow managed to get pooped and peed on in a 30 second window and ya know what?  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I’m also accepting that I don’t really want to write today… but I still have lots to share.  Check these out because they are what I care about today.

Behold the power of a “thank you.”


The power of love.


Life is terrifying, hold on tight.


99 Possible Problems


People being photographed while being blown with a leaf blower.


Happy Friday, hug someone you love.


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